Have you ever found yourself searching google or joining countless Mumsnet conversations in order to find solutions to your child’s challenging behaviours? Or taken advice from well-meaning friends who don’t necessarily share your parenting values.

Parenthood can feel like a wilderness. And just as you think you have things sussed, the next face rolls along and carries with it new challenges and decisions to make. This is the part of parenthood that no one could prepare you for before the journey began. Because this wild journey that changes you, your relationship and who you think you are is happening WITH your child. Spurred on by your child’s temperament, personality and relationship to you.

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to take some time out to

Would you like the help of a professional who is able to keep your child’s and your own best interests in mind? – and give you specific solutions to your challenges? Then 1:1 coaching is for you

What is family and parent advising?

My job is to help you become aware of your own blind spots and provide you with the tools to create the family relationships you long for. Perhaps the tone in your family has become a little bit too harsh? Perhaps you find yourself having the same conflicts over and over again? Or maybe you just need some inspiration to view your child’s behaviour in a new light?

Whether I advise parents as a couple or on an individual basis – my main focus is always on the quality of your relationships. How do you feel in your relationship with your loved ones? How does it feel to be you?

Family and parent advising is concerned (or I’m interested in the here and now) with the here and now – helping you to make sense of what you are currently struggling with. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to dip our toes in our past in order to better understand our present situation, but the focus in a family advising session is always on what you would like to create.

I will help you facilitate this change by asking questions that broadens your current perception while helping you to draw on the resources you have available. Based on my in-depth knowledge of parent / child dynamics I will advise on your situation – allowing you to trust that your child’s perspective is always being considered.

Sessions can take place in person – either at my practice or in the comfort of your own home. Zoom and Skype sessions are available too. 
I offer a complimentary clarity call to see if we are a right fit.
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