‘Bringing up children is an ever-changing challenge, which can often leave us parents feeling like we’re floundering, second guessing, or one step behind. Louise at Parenting Success has helped us identify and apply a multitude of alternative strategies, and most of all, to utilise an empathetic approach in understanding what our children might be going through. In working with Louise, we have developed ideas as to how we can support and guide the kids, in an effort to empower and relate, without losing our patience. She’s a game-changer!’

Tim Ferrone

Louise is an excellent parenting advisor & the “Say no successfully” workshop was a success & well received by all employees.


Absolutely loved the workshop and found Louise’s knowledge exceptional. I’m leaving feeling very positive and inspired

Mother of 2

I find all of Parenting Success’s workshops so productive with simple techniques. Louise is awesome. So calm and understanding. I just wish we had more time.


Fantastic, thought provoking workshop where I felt I could be open and honest. Knowing that you’re not alone makes such a big difference. Louise is really knowledgeable and able to talk through positive actions that are easy to implement.


What I took from the workshop is a reminder that we’re all in the same boat often dealing with the same parenting issues. 


I’m amazed! Louise has given me tools to parent that I had not thought of. I feel energised and feel like I’ve grown as a mum. I feel Louise has changed the way I think. And I’m excited to see how I can use what I’ve learnt to connection with what my children feel.


The workshop was very informative and thought provoking. The tools that were given to me to deal with y children in a more positive way are practical and easy to include in our family routine.
Louise is a confident, inclusive and very friendly speaker. I can highly recommend this workshop to any parent!

Lara Brook

Working with Louise has had an immense impact on myself, which has directly and positively affected the harmony of my family.

Louise’s objective and insightful viewpoints provide you with chance to reflect on ways in which you can change your approach to the everyday challenges you face as a parent, which is so refreshing and has a great effect ! If you want to understand yourself as a parent a little better as well as your child, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Louise !

Liz Singleton / mother of 2

I went to the workshop on self-esteem last night, and found it very useful. The workshop was very informative, and Louise was brilliant at giving examples and applying the theory to the attendee’s individual situations. I like the peaceful, connected parenting style that Louise talks about.

Sandra Jehoel

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