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Evening Retreat for Mums

· Relax, stretch, soften and nourish your body and mind together with like minded mums in the gorgeous Bisley yurt. ·

Join parenting coach, Louise Brooks and yoga and meditation teacher, Charlie Leigh for a wonderfully nurturing evening retreat in the beautiful Bisley Yurt this January.  Following a busy and social season it is time to exhale and give youself permission to regroup and connect to yourself, your values and your body and mind. This is…

When the parenting tools don’t work

· As a well-read parent you know many of the strategies offered by parenting experts, you've bought the books and know the theory. But there is a sense that despite the best will in the world, the tools are not enough. This is a familiar but less talked about block to parenting more consciously ·

These days it is pretty easy to know a lot about many things. On social media the squares are filled with sage advice, memes and expert opinion neatly presented and easy to agree with in theory. Yet, one thing is to be able to wrap our intellectual mind around a concept – it is quite…

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