One of the most stressful parts of the day for most families is the morning. The build-up to school drop-off often culminates in power struggles, nagging and a negative tone, that leave us (consider either: promising ourselves or vowing) that tomorrow will be different. However, the truth is, unless we take a step back, create space for ourselves to reflect and aspire to do things differently, most likely nothing will change. Many children arrive at school in the morning – already stressed, tired and in the wrong state of mind to actually learn.

Having the space to explore topics relating to all aspects of parenting and family life in the company of other parents in the comfort of your child’s school is a powerful way to realise that you are not alone.

Topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Boost your Child’s Self-Esteem 
  • Say “No” – Successfully 
  • Raising a Strong-Willed Child
  • Raising Siblings
  • Raising Self-Motived children 
  • Managing Screen Time 
  • Stress-free homework

Workshops can take place during school hours or in the evening, allowing all parents to attend.

Benefits of parenting workshops in schools 

– Your school will benefit from a community of parents who are committed to raising their children to be self-motivated, with strong social skills, able to interact well with both peers and adults as well as being able to resolve playground issues and withstanding peer pressures

  • Greater parent satisfaction 
  • Greater school / parent cooperation 
  • Workshops are designed to empower parents to feel confident, rather than frustrated and confused. Proud instead of guilty
  • Parents will be supported in becoming a positive example and role model in order to assist in their children’s behaviour, actions and attitude
  • Through dynamic coaching activities, parents are exposed to positive alternatives to replace; nagging and the use of threats or bribes. This will motivate their child 
  • With clear and effective strategies for tackling homework and encouraging greater personal organisation – both school and parents’ benefit

Get in touch today to learn how you can get your school involved – or if you are a school and interested in hosting parenting workshops for your parents – please get in touch here.


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