Saying “No” and communicating our boundaries is an inescapable part of life with children, yet also one of the most difficult aspects of being a parent. In order to keep the peace, you may find yourself saying “Yes” when you actually mean “No”. Or feeling like you have to shout and get angry in order to be heard. This rarely make us feel great.

The good news is: There is a middle ground. A way that allows you to be in charge, without compromising the connection between you and your child. Because children do want boundaries and want to feel safe in the company of parents who can communicate these clearly and respectfully.

Children are possibility seekers and like little scientists they will explore ways around a barrier with relentless perseverance. And that is exactly as it should be! Our job is to decide what is and is not acceptable and to communicate this clearly and respectfully.

Easier said than done, right?!

Perhaps you can relate to one or more of these statements:

  • You feel that your “No” is rarely respected
  • Or that it is difficult to say “No” without feeling guilty
  • Perhaps you find that saying “No” is easy, but that the aftermath is difficult to tolerate (the reaction)
  • Or you feel unclear about how to say “No” in a respectful way without losing authority

The way we go about saying “No” and setting limits will have a huge impact on how our children respond and on the actual outcome. Therefore, for us to be heard without having to take away TV for a week we need to be clear on what increases the willingness for our children to listen to us!

In this workshop you will:

  • Be clear of your own challenges around boundary setting 
  • Learn the secret to saying “No” in ways that will make your child want to listen
  • Be shown the way to stop the endless negotiations that often follow saying “No”
  • Learn to set limits and say “No” in a way you and your child can feel good about

Once we master the art of saying “No” in ways that don’t make others feel ‘wrong’, it is possible for both you and your child to listen in a better way, to accept and to respect.

Venue: The Medicine Garden / Cobham
Time: 10-12.30pm 
Price: £40

Dates for upcoming workshops to be announced soon. 

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