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What is Louise's Inner Circle?

Whether you have previously been to my workshops, worked with me on a 1:1 basis or you are new to Parenting Success, Louise’s Inner Circle is your space for growing as a parent and learning to parent in a way that feels good for you and your child.


This member’s club is for you if:

  • You are ready to say goodbye to threats, time outs and power struggles and learn what makes children want to cooperate and follow your lead.
  • You would like answers to your most burning parenting questions and would like tools you can implement straight away.
  • You are tired of frantically googling the answers to your parenting challenges only to find that there is no consistency in your approach.
  • You have a sense that there is a more peaceful way, one that builds on mutual respect, connection and authenticity – but you are not quite sure how this actually works when your child misbehaves, has a tantrum or when it comes to discipline.


By becoming a member of Louise’s Inner Circle, you will have access to audio files and video material on demand. You can listen anytime – anywhere. Since 2018 I have supported hundreds of parents to be become the parent that they dream to be and create a family life with less power struggles and conflict.

Join Louise’s Inner Circle / £14.99 a month

Here’s what you get:

  •  Unlimited access to all audio and video recordings
  • Monthly 1-hour live Q/A session where I answer your most burning questions
  • 20% discount on workshops and parenting courses
  • 1:1 sessions at member’s rates.

On a practical note:

  • All recordings range from x minutes to x minutes – and you take it at your own pace.
  • Once you sign up – you will be billed monthly automatically
  • You will need to register for my monthly Q/A session where I will answer a number of the questions that I receive from you. You will have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions during this session.


It is easy to opt out. All you have to do is send an email to 5 days before the date of the month that you signed up – to avoid being billed for the following month. You will still have access to all the content for the month that you have paid for.


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