Helping Teens Make Healthy Social Media Connections

Social media has a huge impact on adolescents and their mental health. We have all heard it before, too much screen time is bad for our kids. Too much exposure to social media can damage adolescent relationships and negatively impact their mental health and overall wellbeing.

Rewards that are beneficial for body & mind

I am sure we have all been there: where we would do ANYTHING to get our kids to do what we need them to do, i.e. revise for an exam, get those grades, do their homework, go to school without throwing a tantrum (for all ages!), eat their dinner, go to bed or maybe just…

12 things you should never do for your teenage children

It’s never too late to teach your children to be independent. While I know that something it is easier, and might even seem like the best thing to do to ‘rescue’ your teen when they need help, but nothing could be further from the truth. The best thing you can do for your teens is to allow them to learn through trying, doing…

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