Are you trying to do it all?

· Being told to adopt a self-care routine while in a global lock down can feel like a bad joke. Yet another thing to add to the mounting to do list at a time when we're having to be so many things to so many people all at once. But I argue that we need to think of self-care as much more than lengthy gym sessions or bath sessions. ·

Baths, coffee with a girl friend and trips to the hair salon or nail spa feature on many a mum’s list of self-care practices; – things that help us fill our own cup. After all, – looking after ourselves is important. We all got that memo. Perhaps you – like I – have succeeded somewhat…

My child is lying

· What are we to do when we catch our kids lying - despite being very clear that lying isn't acceptable? The temptation is to want to punish. But before you get furious - you do well to get curious and ask yourself these game changing questions ·

Most parents are filled with dread when we catch our child lying. Especially if we notice that this isn’t a one off – but something our child does regularly despite our pleas to tell the truth. Instead of getting curious – we get furious. Blinded by the act itself we forget that lying is rarely…

Not child friendly after 8pm

· Rarely do we feel overcome with anger out of the blue. Anger sneaks up on us - in imperceptible little steps - when we ignore our own boundaries over a period of time. And as parenting through a global pandemic and lockdown is a first for all of us - it is not always easy to know what is okay with us and what isn't - until it's too late. What can we do when we've hit the red zone? ·

Nearly a month into lockdown and social distancing – my family life is beginning to pivot around some slightly different routines and practices. The standard 8pm – lights out – NETFLIX on, cuddle with the hubby on the sofa – has begun to look more like – watching more kid friendly programs in the evening,…

How do I help my child not be so scared?

· Will kids ever get over their fears unless we push them? Courage is more than just soldiering on. To say no and listen to yourself even if it inconveniences others and the world wants you to say yes requires courage. ·

Although I’m not a massive fan of big, over priced soft play areas full of screaming kids and frazzled looking parents, I can’t deny that some of these places are a brilliant way to get physical after a long day at school. So we occasionally go. While my 7 year old daughter has been whizzing…

What does it actually mean to ‘hold space’ for your child’s emotions?

· You may have heard this expression before - and wondered what exactly is implied when we talk about 'containing' our child's emotions - or our own for that matter. Let me explain ·

One of the most surprising parts of becoming a parent – certainly this was the case for me – was to discover how much more emotionally vivid my life would become. Up until the point I became a mum – I thought of myself as a balanced and emotionally literate person – comfortable with all…


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