Boost your child’s self-esteem (4 week online parenting course, starting May 3rd)

· Self-esteem is the foundation of a happy life. Give your child the gift of a strong inner compass and learn how to boost your child's self-esteem both in moments of discipline and when life is going great. ·

Apr, 21, 2023

As a parent, we all want for our child to feel confident and deserving enough to take a big bite out of life. To share themselves and their talents with the world without being held back by fear of judgement or getting things wrong. Above all, we want them to know that their worth doesn’t equate to the grades on their report card.

But how exactly do we foster these qualities in our children?

  • Praise more?
  • Send them to more after school clubs?
  • Keep telling them every day?

Parenting isn’t easy. And despite our unquestionable good intentions and love for our children, we all bring to parenting both our biggest gifts and our biggest hurts that sometimes trip us up in our interactions with our child.

Parenting becomes a whole lot more fun when we dare get curious and decide that it is okay to learn new things along the way. I have and continue to and I have helped hundreds of parents do the same.

That is why I have created this online course and am excited to be offering it once again to only a handful of parents interested in SELF-ESTEEM.

This 4 week online ‘Boost your child’s self-esteem‘ course is for you if:

  • Your child is often apprehensive about new situations or refuses to try their best at activities that you know that they enjoy.
  • Your child finds losing very difficult and perhaps also boasts or lies about own achievements.
  • You wonder why your child seeks constant reassurance even though you generously praise and reward good behaviour and achievements.
  • Your children have a lot of sibling quarrels and rivalry
  • You know that by shouting, giving consequences and ultimatums you weaken your relationship, but you yearn to learn what works instead.

Because how we think of ourselves determines the quality of our relationships and the decisions we make in life, self-esteem is at the heart of everything we do in life. Self-esteem refers to the inner knowing that I remain good inside even when I struggle on the outside, and can only be known when we as parents know how to relate to our child in a way that communicates that.

Not just when things are going well. But perhaps more importantly, when our child’s behaviour is less than ideal.

But how do we actually do that, without becoming permissive and too lenient?

This course will help you to create this balance, so that at the end of this 4 week online course you will:

  • Understand the difference between self-esteem and confidence and how to promote either.
  • More confidently be able to respond to your child’s big emotions in ways that increases your connection and boosts your child’s self-esteem
  • Know exactly what you can do to dial down your child’s perfectionist tendencies or tendency to not care and soften their harsh inner critic.
  • Be clear on how to set boundaries and respond to unwanted behaviours in ways that support your child’s self-esteem.

The course comprises 4 modules -each dedicated to a different aspect of self-esteem and parenting strategies and theory to match.

Here’s what you can expect:

1st session (Wednesday 3rd May, 8-9.30pm)

  • What is self-esteem and why is it even important?
  • How does self-esteem differ from confidence?
  • In this session we will explore your child’s self-esteem and get clear on the thoughts and behaviours that you notice your child wrestling with – but you find hard to respond to.

2nd session (Wednesday 10th of May, 8-9.30pm)

  • The history and role of praise
  • What does it mean to acknowledge?
  • Why is my child reluctant to try new things?
  • How can you show your child that you really SEE him / her and boost your connection?

3rd session (Wednesday 17th of May, 8-9.30pm)

  • Boosting cooperation and understanding defiance
  • Discipline styles that hinder self-esteem
  • In this session, you will get the invaluable tools to be able to lead your child in ways that lead to mutual respect and good cooperation.

4th session (Wednesday 24th of May, 8-9.30pm )

  • Cultivating the parenting super power of LISTENING
  • What does it mean to be empathic – and how does empathy sound and feel like in your interactions with your child?
  • How does a hectic family life style impact on self-esteem?
  • Setting the scene; creating more time for play, downtime and creativity.

The sessions are spaced out over the course of 4 weeks for good reason. Change and new habits take time. While we delve into a specific aspect of self-esteem each week, it is in the time between our sessions that the meaningful and positive change is taking place and being integrated into your life.

The course is limited to a maximum of 5 parents (although you are free to join in with your partner). This is to allow sufficient time for you to engage with the exercises and share any thoughts or concerns that have come up in between sessions.

You are strongly encouraged to make the weekly live sessions, although you will be sent a recording should you be unable to attend.

If this sounds like a course for you…

Or if you are curious to hear what other parents have said about the course, please CLICK HERE – to get all the details.

I hope to connect with you

Louise x

Louise Brooks

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