Evening Retreat for Mums

· Relax, stretch, soften and nourish your body and mind together with like minded mums in the gorgeous Bisley yurt. ·

Jan, 03, 2023

Join parenting coach, Louise Brooks and yoga and meditation teacher, Charlie Leigh for a wonderfully nurturing evening retreat in the beautiful Bisley Yurt this January. 

Following a busy and social season it is time to exhale and give youself permission to regroup and connect to yourself, your values and your body and mind. This is best done when we come together with other women and allow ourselves to feel connected and held. 

What you can expect from this retreat evening: 

We have planned a gorgeous evening for you in two parts – with a hearty and nourishing stew served in between each session. 

In the first part – we address the mind. 

Louise will guide us through the art of setting loving boundaries.

We will explore why saying no and communicating our needs is not easy, but essential in parenting and in living from our most important values. We will get clear on what might trip us up where boundaries are concerned and get actionable strategies for setting loving boundaries so we sustain the pressures of a busy life. 

There will be time to reflect, ask questions and share experiences.

In the second part – we address the body – and bring it all together

Charlie will treat us to a 2 x hour mind/body reset. 

Through guided meditation,breathwork, essential oils and gong bath, you will experience deep relaxation and physical wellbeing. Working with your senses and bringing your nervous system to a state of deep relaxation you will walk away with a deep sense of calm and connection to yourself and others.

Who is this retreat for?

  • All mums!

And especially if you: 

  • Yearn for a timeout – but struggle to find such moments in a hectic life
  • Long for more connection to yourself – but often end up not prioritising yourself.
  • Miss connection with others – in ways that touch and inspire you
  • Need a stretch of your body and to feel more supple during this cold and dark season
  • Want to spend a Saturday in a meaningful way, feeling inspired in your parenting and your relationships.

If this is you..

Then we cannot wait to welcome along this retreat evening. 

All you have to do is book your space now, as there’s a limited number of tickets availble, and we will send you a welcome email to confirm your registration and share with you the practical info nearer the event. 

You can book your space here

If this is you … and you reckon this is your mum friend too… 

Then, by all means, spread the word and know that we are excited to meet you!

Love and light, 

Charlie and Louise x

Louise Brooks

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