Raising a strong-willed child (webinar Sept 9th)

Jun, 19, 2021

One of the most challenging aspects of parenting is staying sane in the face of our children’s counter-will. There are many words for what happens when our children refuse to cooperate with us;



or stubbornness.

The list goes on. And in the heat of the moment it can feel almost impossible to not end up in a counter will battle that sees us display the very same traits that we most detest in our child. Confused and powerless to change this frustrating dynamic it can feel tempting to bribe or threaten our child to do as we say – because we are the parent, right?! Yet, these are the very behaviours that often fuel the opposition.

A willful child will not back down – and it is often when our will has backed them into a corner that we experience just how powerless we are as no amount of threat or bribe will change the situation.

So what are we to do instead?

The alternative is not to become a permissive parent – changing your own agenda in order to accomodate your child. Instead, the goal is to respond to your child in ways that do not squash their willful spirit while at the same time remaining in charge.

This webinar will give you:

  • The knowledge and tools to create a strong connection to your willfull child with a strong conncetion and a solid understanding of:
  • A solid understanding of what counter will / opposition is
  • What purpose it serves
  • You will know how to get your child to listen and cooperate without having to lose your temper and use coercive tactics in order to be heard.
  • Get powerful strategies for managing your own emotions when you feel pulled in and triggered by your child’s opposition.

The seeds to greater connection and a more joyful family life lie in transforming this dynamic between you and your child. Take a time out for yourself to allow yourself to see the bigger picture and get the strategies to meet your child in a new way. And discover how, when you change your approach – your child’s behaviour changes too.

On a practical note: 

  • We meet on Zoom – log in details to follow nearer the event.
  • There will be opportunities for Q &A – and you will be in the company of likeminded parents.
  • You are welcome to attend with or without your partner.

To join – please click HERE

Louise Brooks

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