Raising siblings – the key to a good sibling relationship (Wednesday, Sept 22nd 8pm)

May, 16, 2021

Sibling quarrels can be one of the biggest stresses and threats to a happy home life. They will often fight over things that feel trivialt to us; 

who gets more

who won

and who gets to choose first. 

And you might have found that no matter how often yout tell them that these things don’t matter – the same things come up for them time and time again. 

Would you like to know why? And more importantly, would you like to learn how you can actually HELP their relationship without getting sucked into their every fight only to loose your calm? 

This webinar is for you. 

Siblings’ relationship is unique. Living under the same roof and sharing the same parents siblings get an opportunity to experience both love and hate for the same person without the fear of being left. 

This volatile relationship can be difficult to understand as a parent – and while we are a necessary part of this relationship we do not need to respond to and give every little fight our FULL attention.

Easier said than done, right?! 

Beause often we are ASKED to get involved. Or we are in the car and suddenly conflict errupts. Or our oldest child shamelessly declares that it would be better if little sister gets sent back to where she came from. 

If we are to not react from autopilot – we do well to know what to say and do instead. We need to have a plan. 

This webinar will give you

  • A highly effective communication strategy for helping your children HEAR each others’ perspectives.
  • The tools to TRANSLATE what they are really saying.
  • The ability to discern the difference between what you NEED to respond to – and what your children can resolve without your interference.
  • A better understanding of what YOU can do to strenghten the connection between your children.

This live webinar is relevant whatever the age of your children.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions and post comments througout – and you can attend with or without a camera on.

You will receive information about joining the Zoom webinar prior to the event and you are more than welcome to join with or without your partner.

Secure your place today 

Louise Brooks

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