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Jan, 12, 2020

Perhaps you recognise this feeling of returning to your everyday life after a long break – feeling more conscious. Aware of having a choice. More awake to what your habits and routines do to you – and to your family.
And then – it’s as if with every day back in your familiar routine -this feeling fades. Much like the tan lines from a trip to sunnier skies.
But can we do anything to preserve this openness?

Breaks. Travels. Holidays. Leave me more open. More relaxed. Softer. Gentler.

Of course in our house hold there has been sibling fights and days when we’ve all clashed – leaving me feel anything but a zen mama. But this is normal. With more time spent together – we get more of everything -both love and connection – as well as conflict.

But underneath that – the break from the daily routine has also given rise to a greater grounding. Everyone feeling more connected – both to themselves and to each other.

Returning to school the first week of January involved a few tears and a lot of missing. It was as if we all felt so far removed from our daily lives that the thought of functioning in a 9-5 schedule again felt daunting.

Breaks are important

While it can feel like it would be easier to not take our foot off the pedal and keep up the momentum – it is during the breaks that we grow and restore our energy, creativity and love depots.

Every weekend is an opportunity to change gear and live in a different mode. One of slower pace. With more open ended days and activities. This inhale / exhale rhythm is so good for us – and our kids naturally live this way – and have all sorts of ways of telling us when things are too fast. The question is: do we want to accept the invitation to join them?

Reboot your parenting and family life by considering the following

Ask yourself:

When were your children thriving over the holidays?
When did you feel good? Was it that afternoon you napped? Or when you went for a family walk or played boardgames? Or when you had good friends over and laughed and stayed up late?

How can you prioritise more of this in your daily life or during the weekend?

Ask yourself:

What did you feel less attached to after the holidays?
Netflix in the evenings? Sorting out old pictures / baking would make for a much nicer evening. That £4 cappuccino that didn’t actually taste as good as you’d imagined it would?
The super tidy and organised house that is more important to tend to rather than being seduced by any of the children’s play propositions?

You already know

The thing is – you already know what is right for you.

The question is – are you willing to trust your own answers. And trust that the process of doing one or two things differently on a regular basis is what gets you to new and wonderful places over time.

Let me inspire you along the way

I run monthly workshops in Cobham’s beautiful Medicine Garden.
You can work with me on a 1:1 basis or introduce Parenting Success to your child’s school to receive free workshops and support.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Louise Brooks

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