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Jan, 17, 2019
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Dear Parents

Allow us to tell you about what we do at ParentingSuccess!

…the weak usually do not ask for help, so they stay weak…asking for help is a sign of strength, growth and change… John Wooden

Most parents today are under more pressure than ever. Balancing the demands of busy careers, family life and the daily chores can mean that a lot of families merely survive, going from one conflict to another, constantly putting out fires and not living the family life they once dreamed of. All this can leave us feeling sad, frustrated, guilty and stressed!

This can obviously have a negative effect on how we parent and respond to daily challenges. And our children are also more likely to enter school in the morning with high stress levels themselves, tired and unhappy and unmotivated. A study shows that stressful mornings impair children’s ability to learn in the first 1.5 hours after school drop off. This in turn has a knock on effect on their academic, social and emotional well-being.

Feeling out of control can be one of the worst emotions to deal with but we are here to help you find better ways to handle situations in your home. This will help you to enjoy being a parent with a sense of self control, and feel in charge of your family life!

At ParentingSuccess we know that by working together with you and providing you with the right set of tools you CAN become a positive role model and nurture your children to become balanced, motivated and resilient, equipped to deal with the ups and downs of life.

How We Support Parents

With 10 years experience of supporting parents (in workshops, privately face to face or via skype, in corporates and in schools) and from our own experiences of family life we have developed a series of events and 1:1 programmes that help you overcome some of your biggest challenges in raising a family. ParentingSuccess takes a relationship based approach to everything we do. We put connection at the centre helping you first and foremost to strengthen the connection you have with yourself, your partner and your children. In other words we help you become more aware of the dynamics in your home and the way in which all family members interact. Awareness is the first step towards change; without it we stay the same!

Topics We  Explore

We offer support around topics that are applicable to children at all ages and abilities. These include homework, mealtimes, pocket money, chores, boundaries, routines, bedtime and behavioural challenges of all kinds. We also understand that many parents are left confused and frustrated by their kids’ relationship with technology, so we also offer strategies that help you become aware of the screen habits that exist in your family and can support you with any changes that need to be made.


At our parenting events you will benefit from meeting like-minded parents who may be experiencing similar challenges. In a non-judgemental environment we explore tools and techniques you can implement at home straight away. In this safe space you will get an opportunity to participate in group activities and discussions where you can learn from other parents and share your own experiences. After an event (or 1:1 support) you will walk away with an action plan that is specific to your family and a renewed interest in positive parenting.  All we ask from you is that you are open and honest and are willing to implement ideas that are relevant to your family.

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We look forward to be working with you in 2019 and beyond.

From the ParentingSuccess Team: Mette Theilmann & Louise Hoffmann Brokes

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