Was your holiday not as you hoped for?

Sep, 04, 2018
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Holidays are not just rainbows & butterflies!
The summer holidays are nearing an end, the heatwave has given way for occasional torrential down pours and for most families around the UK this week marks the beginning of the end of what for some was;
-A fantastic summer
-A mediocre summer
-A hectic, stressful and demanding 6 weeks of constant togetherness.
-The summer that saw the kids getting the A level and GCSE results of their dreams. Or the summer where they learned that they didn’t get into their Uni of choice?

Because we spend more time together and with fewer distractions – the holidays are offer a good time to check the temperature of your family unit.

Despite what Instagram and Facebook would suggest – for most families, these past 6 weeks have not always been rainbows and butterflies.

If this is you, then you are not alone! A lot of parents come to us and say that they feel so guilty, since can’t wait till the holiday is over and for the kids can go back to school and give them a break!

But being a family – in a way that feels good for everyone (mum and dad included) takes practice. Obviously we all wish to create wonderful and memorable holidays for our children – but the expectation to have new and entertaining activities lined up every day for our kids throughout the holidays can make even the most devoted of parents secretly miss their office job or the daily chores while home alone!. It is all about getting the balance right.

Try to take some time out to ‘Get Curious’ about why your holiday might not have been so wonderful as you hoped for:
Maybe have a think about:
* what did not work so well and why?
* What could I or we as a family have done differently?

Self-care is not selfish – it’s a necessity!
Families are not thriving when mum and dad are stressed out and not enjoying themselves. And this is at the root of many undesirable family dynamics. Because our kids mirror in their behaviour how we feel on the inside. So one of the kindest things we can do for ourselves and our family is to put our own needs on the agenda as well and find ways to connect to ourselves on a daily basis.
TIP: what can you do everyday for yourself that gives you energy, space and a sense of fulfilment?

Maybe also ask yourself before the end of the holiday:
* What did I enjoy? Then keep it going
* When did our family thrive? Why? Then keep it going

Because it is a lot more effective to have a space to reflect, test out ideas and get advice than doing it yourself, let us support you to make some powerful changes to your family dynamic so you can fully enjoy your next holiday or weekend together as a family.

We are here to support you!

From the ParentingSuccess Team
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November 12, 2018

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