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May, 04, 2018
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We love supporting the family as a whole and can come to your home and offer Family Coaching. What is Family coaching: When we support the family as a whole. We will come to your home to observe, feel and see what is going on. We are not there to judge, point fingers, blame or shame but to give you a ‘fresh view’ from an outsider and offer you new tools and tips that will keep you moving forward.

Why family coaching: Often it can be hard to see what is really going on in the family because we are so used to it. We might think we are doing the right things or that we have tried it all – but a fresh pair of eyes will be able to offer new insights and open up solutions that you might not have the time, energy or clear view to see. If you feel that communication between family members is a challenge we can also support you to create an open and safe space to talk, be listened to and respect each other.

What to expect: We will come to your home and be part of your family life. We will help you to set family goals and make a plan together of how to achieve them. As part of the process we will support you and your family to set up family meetings, we do this by being part of them in the beginning to guide you so you can run them successfully yourselves in the future. We bring materials that will support the processes; such as communication cards, games and family journals.

Format:  4 sessions: (The format will vary according to each family)

  1. We offer a free 20 minute clarity call before the first session
  2. We will send you ALL a pre-questionnaire to fill out. We will post you a pre-questionnaire with a stamped and addressed return envelope, just seal it and post it.
  3. First meeting is with both parents (or just you) to explore ways to be in ‘charge’ of your family (not control), in order to manage your family in a positive and calm way. We will look at communication skills, anger management and role modelling.
  4. Second meeting is with the whole family, when we introduce communication tools, how to set up a family meeting, the importance of listening and respect etc. We can come in the morning, afternoon, evening, at bedtime or on According to age, we support you to set up communication skills in the family and tools that will glue the family together and create a calmer and happier home.                                                                                                     
  5. A 30 minute phone call with parents to prepare for the next session                      
  6. Third meeting: second family meeting where we will add: Chores, homework, screen time, pocket money – anything that is important to your family.
  7. Fourth meeting: We will meet with both parents (or just you), to hear how things are going and add new skills or tools.
  8. A 30 minute phone call with parent

For more information email mette@parentingsuccesscoaching

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