From Work Mode to Family Life!

Apr, 25, 2018
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As a full time working parent we go through so many roles and transition situations throughout the day. When we support working parents they say their main struggle is to switch from work mode into family life – from employee to mum or dad.

We might come home after a long day at work and our mind is still racing with what we have done (or not done) and might still have to do that evening! Then we come into the house and we get a storm of kids at us ‘mummmy.. daddyyy’ – we might react with a ‘slow down, let mummy in first’, ‘Can daddy just get 2 minutes before getting attacked’ etc. etc. Not only does this make us feel bad if we see a look of disappointment on our kids’ faces, but our kids also sense it and after a while might stop coming to us when they don’t get the response they hoped for!

But here are a few easy tips to follow that will help you with the working model to switch on as your loving, fair parent self:

  • Check in with yourself before you enter the house: before you go in, sit in the car or just pause outside for a while and check in with yourself. Think about what you have to do later, plan it for later. Then place your attention on what, and who, you will meet in the house and how you want to respond.
  • Set the agenda: if you really do need a breather before engaging with the family then say so and agree to the steps before hand . I.e. mum comes in, she gives everyone a big hug, then goes to her room, gets changed, maybe has a shower, listens to the radio for a few minutes and gives herself time to re-engage with the home and family life. Then comes down again and gives her family full attention until she has agreed (with herself and family) that it is her work time in the office.
  • It is about having clear, agreed expectations and then sticking to them and giving each task or activity your full attention. When you are with your kids give them 100% (even if it’s just for 15 minutes) and when you are working give it your all. You will see you will not only be more productive but feel proud instead of guilty and your kids will feel more connected to you!

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