Benefits of your Child Writing Letters

Nov, 05, 2017
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In a technology driven world we rarely write or receive a letter that is not ‘official’ or a bill. We might get our inbox full, a text message of another form of ‘online’ massage. But how lovely is it when we DO receive a letter from someone; handwritten, a thank you note, birthdays card – it is so special.  Why not start a tradition with your family of writing letters at least once a month to someone: a family member, teacher, friend, neighbour, and a thank you note or birthday or celebration card

Benefits for our kids:

  • Kindness and compassion:  when writing a letter you need to think about that person, do something that makes that person happy and smile.
  • Spelling: yes computer spell check is fantastic but stops next generation from being able to spell.
  • Handwriting: same, everything written on the computer stops our kids from developing hand writing they can be proud of.
  • Concentration: to sit and think and write a letter takes focus and concentration.
  • Excitement of receiving a letter: we get what we give! There is a good chance that the receiver might send a letter back and you will love seeing the excitement on your kids face when you say ‘there is a letter for you in the mailbox’.
  • Connection: when we write a letter we need to think about that person, maybe even ask a few questions ‘How are you doing’? ‘How is the cat?’ etc. If you have friends and family who live far away it is a great way to keep up the contact in a deeper way then online.
  • Self-esteem: it can be very rewarding to write a letter, send it off and think ‘wow I did a good job here and made someone happy and smile’.

Tips: try to have a ‘Writing Letter Box’, with paper, cards, pens, coloured pencils, stickers, envelope and stamps. This will make it easier to get started as they don’t have to go looking for what we you need.

If you need more support we are here to help you make sense of it all.

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