Special Time with your Child IS Possible!

Oct, 31, 2017
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Do you spend one to one, quality time every day with each one of your kids in order to connect and build trust and show your real love? Are you a predictable parent, who will at some part of the day offer your child (ren) your special time (even though you have other kids, work and a busy life)?

Maybe you have a few kids, work full time, have a house to run and at the same time want to attend to yourself, partner and friends and feel that is it so not possible to spend time with each one of your kids EVERYDAY alone?

Well it is, and you can. Remember it doesn’t need to be more than just 10mins a day – yes 10mins a day minimum and here are a few options of how to make this possible:

  • Plan it: have a think about your day. When can you have each kid alone? Bath time, in the car, bed time, early morning, late night, picking up other kids from school or activities? Yes you see, there are ‘possibilities’ we just need to look for them, find them and agree that you will spend this time on special time with your child. It does mean that you will have to leave other chores in order to attend to your child. The sink can wait for just a while, remember the sink will stay but one day your child will have flown the nest, so embrace the moments.
  • Size the moment: start looking for opportunities throughout the day where you can leave what you are doing (chores, phone or work) and enter their word and join in their activity. Just sit there and give them your physical and mental time – where you show a real interest in them and what they do, feel and say!
  • Start a traditions: I love to sit with my 15 year old EVERY night at 21.30 , in the dark and we chat about everything – our little moment to connect. We both look forward to this time of the day.
  • Love bombing: where you spend a bigger chunk of time together i.e. going on a trip, cinema, bike ride etc. My daughter and I love to go travelling for a weekend. My husband takes my daughter skiing once a year, one of the boys fishing and the other on a golf trip. A time where we pour all we have into them – a bank of love!

We wish you good luck with finding time for special moments every day with your child(ren).

From the ParentingSuccess Team
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