Take a Tech Break!

Sep, 27, 2017
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It is normally the kids who get the ‘bad’ press when it comes to screen time. But I am sorry to say that often we parents are no better ourselves and this could affect our kid’s behaviour and attitude to technology and the time they spend on it. After all we are our kid’s most important role model!

A lot of the parents we support admit that technology interrupts the time they spend or could spend with their kids and that they are often not ‘really’ in the moment with the kids, the family or even themselves due to technology!

More over, what happens is that our child has to ‘compete’ for our attention while we are busy on the screen and might start playing up, becoming hyper or sulk. It might affect their confidence as they might feel that ‘I am not good enough, the phone is more important than me!’

Also, we get stressed and tired, end up multi-tasking or start feeling guilty as deep down  we know that it is wrong!

So here is a little tip for you, impose a screen ban on yourself while with your kids are around or key points in your day e.g. getting out of the door in the morning:

  • Put it on silence
  • Put it away
  • Or why not turn it off
Be a role model. How can you change your screen time habits? In order to show your children that you are present while with them?
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