Become a Better Parent in 10mins!

Sep, 17, 2017
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As parents we are always on the go and might feel we don’t have time to implement  the tools and strategies that we know that we should. But here are the good news; it does not take more than 10mins a day to make small, but important, improvement to your parenting style and family life. Here are our tips of how you can become a happier parent by spending 10mins of the below topics:    

10mins parenting:
• Spend 10mins a day with each of your kids; place your full focus on them and what you do together. No chores, phone, worries or other distracting – just you and your child. Benefits: they feel valued and loved since you give them your un-divided time and attention.• 10mins of exercise a day; it does not need to be much, just a walk around the block. Why not park fare away from shops, work or where you need to drive to get a brisk walk. Maybe a swim or a ‘walky-talky’ with a good friend. Benefits: make you feel lighter, happier and reenergise you.•Make sure you spend at least 10mins eating your meals; eat your food slow and mindful. Taste the flavours and see the colours. Benefit: enjoy the food more, eat less, more family time and become a role model for your kids.• Try 10mins of silence every day; it can be meditation, yoga or just sit still and enjoy the ‘sound of silence’. Benefits: give you positive head space; bring peace and relaxation that help you deal better with any situations that come to you. 10mins of Me-Time every day: Last but not least, as parent we tend to put our children first, but putting yourself first is OK. It actually is essential: it makes you a better parent, since you are happy, content and relaxed. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean you don’t care about others. It means that you are smart enough to know that you cant help others if you don’t help yourself first  So do things that YOU like as well, join in and have fun AND get some daily ME-Time…All the best from the ParentingSuccess Team

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