Getting through the Halloween Sweet Frantic:

Oct, 26, 2016
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Children’s dream, go and get LOTS of sweet for free just by putting out a bucket – can be their parent’s nightmare!

But actually this can be a time to teach our kids a good lesson about physical and oral health, kindness, saving, earning and making choices.  Wow you might think, how? So here are our top tips to get through the Halloween sweet indulgence:

  • Don’t deny your children the Halloween experience. That can make sweet seem even more irresistible, leading to other problems: sneaking sweets or eating too much sweet once they’re out on their own. Instead, let them have the joy of Halloween in all its sticky goodness and the experience of going to a party or trick-or-treating.
  • Then after your children get back from trick-or-treating or a party, you can have set up a ‘sweet bank’: where you add a ‘price’ on each sweet i.e. 10p for a Lolly, 20p for a mini bags of sweet etc. They can then make the choices of sweet or earning money and how much earning they would like.
  • Or you can agree up front that no matter how much sweet they get they can only keep 10 pieces: when back from trick-or-treat go through their bags of Halloween sweets together. Tell them to each pick the 10 or so. Get the unpicked treats out of sight.
  • Or you can decide before the night that you will keep a certain amount of sweet and donate the rest to a food bank, children home, Home Start etc.

We wishes you all a great Halloween night

The ParentingSuccess Team



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