We LOVE running Parenting Workshops with schools

May, 09, 2016
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We believe that by working together with schools, providing support to Mum and Dad enabling them to become the best parents they can be, the children will follow by example.  We can nurture children to become happy, independent, confident and sociable learners, fully equipped to deal with life and all of its challenges.

Most parents today are under more pressure than they used to be, which often leaves them confused, frustrated and stressed.  This can have a negative effect on their children who are more likely to come into school in the morning with high stress levels, be tired, unhappy or low in confidence.  All of this can affect their academic, social and emotional wellbeing.  We are delighted to now be partnering with local schools to run Parenting Workshops covering a range of topics to help support parents to become confident, happy and positive role models for their children.

ParentingSuccess workshops are designed to empower parents to become confident instead of frustrated, proud instead of guilty.  Parents will be supported in becoming a positive example and role model for their children’s behaviour, actions and attitude.  Through a variety of dynamic coaching activities we support parents to come up with positive alternatives to nagging, commanding and punishment, so that they are fully equipped to raise confident, independent and happy children.

Children will then have parents who are not afraid of setting fair and effective boundaries but also understand the importance of connection before correction. Children will learn at home to take responsibility for their own actions, become more independent and demonstrate greater personal organisation.  This, in turn, all helps to make children happy, confident and more organised learners, enabling them to focus on their activities in the classroom.

The school will benefit from a community of parents who are committed to raising their children to: become socially equipped, know how to interact with both other children and adults, be able to resolve playground issues and positively respond to peer pressure.

Our Parenting Workshops are all geared towards making pupils better learners by becoming independent, organised and confident.

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