Special Family Time

Dec, 03, 2015
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One-to-one special time with each of your children is great as this enables you to build a strong bond based on respect, love and acceptance and you will all feel GREAT!

But having family time – where you are ALL together – is equally as important as this is when we really get to feel the full strength of a family bond. Having family time also helps with sibling rivalry as they get to be together in a fun and non-threatening environment.

Make time to build a strong family bond this festive season; it is never too late.

  • Plan and agree it: we can all get stuck in our busy lives or in front of screens, so take time to plan what you will do and when as a family, this holiday and every day, e.g. eat together, movie night, bike ride, go for a walk, ice skating, go to the pool, find a market, theatre.  Discuss together what you would like to do and then schedule family time. That way you know it will happen!
  • Find common ground: it is easier to spend time together when everyone is enjoying themselves: sport, gardening, cooking, movie night, board game etc.
  • Be present: try to give your family your full focus and attention, leave out chores, worries and screens – be mindfully there!
  • Join in and be a role model: if you want the family to join in, join in too. Don’t just be on the sidelines watching!

Don’t forget to try to find time for some one to one time with your partner as well. Plan something you will do once a week or once a month that will make you the couple you were before having kids. If it makes you happy it will make your kids happy!



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