Mindfulness is the key to a happy family life!

Nov, 10, 2015
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One-to-one special time with each of your children is important as this is how you build a strong bond with your children based on respect, love, acceptance and you will all feel GREAT!

But having family time – where you are all together – is equally important as this is when we really get to feel the full strength of a family bond. Also having family time helps sibling rivalry because they get together in a fun and non-threatening environment.

Top tips to help start building your family bond:

  • Plan and agree it: we can all get stuck in our busy lives. It is a great idea to plan what you will do and when as a family, either every day or over the weekend, e.g. share a meal together, movie night, bike ride, go to the pool etc. Schedule family time into your week.
  • Find common ground: it is easier to spend time together when everyone is enjoying themselves. Why not find something you all enjoy doing together eg: sport, gardening, cooking, movie night, etc.
  • Be present: try to give your family your full focus and attention, leave behind the chores, worries and screens – being mindful is a great skill to practice here!
  • Join in, be a role model: if you want the family to join in – join in too, don’t be on the sidelines watching!

Don’t forget to also find one-to-one time with your partner as well.  Plan what you will do once a week or month to remind yourselves of the couple you were before having a family.



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