Acts of Kindness you can do this summer!

Mar, 30, 2015
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We have to teach our children so many things, and kindness is one of them; here are some fun suggestions to help get you started this summer holiday:

  1. Leave bubbles on a friend or neighbour’s doorstep.
  2. Decorate the inside of your mailbox, so your postman smiles every time they open it.
  3. Help our children to ‘surprise’ a family member by tidying their room!
  4. Bake a cake and invite friends over for a Summer Tea Party.
  5. Help your child to write or draw a letter to a grandparent.
  6. Make a special dessert for friends and family.
  7. Pay for the coffee order behind you. (Something about this makes kids giddy.)
  8. Help someone load their groceries into their car.
  9. Visit a cemetery and tidy up overgrown headstones.
  10. Leave a gift for the bin, post or milk man/ woman!
  11. Go outside when the rubbish truck comes and wave your little hearts out. (A toddler favourite!)
  12. If your parking ticket still has time left on it, stick it to the parking meter for the next person to use!
  13. Take in a neighbour’s bin — why not the whole street!
  14. Pick up rubbish in your neighbourhood or the local park.
  15. Offer everyone in a queue a stick of gum.
  16. Invite some children over for the evening so their parents can go on a date.
  17. Bury treasure at the playground. A piece of tupperware filled with small toys or goodies is sure to light up a child’s eyes sometime in the future.
  18. Ask an elderly neighbour if he/ she needs anything from the shop.
  19. Sponsor a child. Your monthly contribution covers medical treatment, school fees, healthy food and more. You can also send and receive letters from the child, which makes the experience much more real.

Enjoy and have fun!

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