Mother’s Day, Every Day

Mar, 10, 2015
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Definition of Mother’s Day: a day in the year on which Mothers are honoured and thanked by their children.

Personally, I feel that Mother’s Day is becoming a bit too commercialised and only really benefits the florists, gift and card shops.  So, why not make Mother’s day really about The Mother, with NO or LOW cost gifts such as; love, praise, hugs, kisses and Mindful Special Time!  Why should Mother’s day be condensed into only one day of the year? Why not feel honoured and appreciated every day of the year for the great work you are doing!!

How we can teach our kids to honour you every day?

  • Make a list of ‘what makes Mummy happy’ eg. help with dinner, be kind to your sibling, help with everyday chores, small drawings/ poems, sing me a song, keep your room tidy, practise music without being asked, make me a cup of tea etc.
  • Remind them to say thank you for the food you cooked, driving them everywhere, supporting them etc.
  • Let them have household chores that will support you and make your job easier.

Be a role model and honour yourself:

  • Spend a minimum of 10 mins every day doing something nice for yourself, mindfully e.g. a bath, read a book, relax in the garden, talk to a friend etc.
  • Praise yourself , aloud e.g. ‘hmm I cooked a nice meal here’, or ‘I am really good at supporting you with…’ or ’I’m really good at driving you to activities’ or ‘that shirt is nicely ironed, I did a good job’ etc.
  • Say NO – you just can’t do it all!
  • Give yourself an everyday break and ‘give back’ some of all the self-inflicted chores you do for your children e.g.: put out their uniform, make their snack, make breakfast, tidy up and lots more they really could and should do themselves, right?
  • Leave the sink and do something you like, with your children or yourself – are all the chores that important right now?
  • Put some music on and dance – have fun
  • Make time for exercise e.g.: a brisk walk, etc.

Don’t be satisfied with one day of being honoured, go for every day – ‘Because You Are Worth It’.

Happy Mothers Day

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