How well do you know your child?

Mar, 04, 2015
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We might feel that we spend a lot of time with our children but often this is affected by us being caught up in everyday chores and routines, always on the go either physically or mentally. So, how much time do we really spend mindfully with our children?  Not doing something else or thinking about what needs to be done next.

Children with low confidence levels might keep things to themselves either because they are shy or think that they are not worth being listened to.  Children change and grow so quickly and so do their likes and dislikes.

So let’s test ourselves – ‘How well do you really know your child’?

  • Fill in the questionnaire below without asking your child for the answers.
  • Don’t let your child know that you have filled in the questionnaire but throughout the day ask the questions to see if you got your the answers right.

Score below 5:             Time for some mindful special time.

Score between 5-8:   Not bad, but why not get to know your child even more?

Score 8+ :                        Well done keep going!


  1. What is your child’s favourite colour?
  2. What are your child’s favourite veg and fruit?
  3. What would your child choose for dinner if she/he had a choice?
  4. Who is his/her best friend?
  5. Does he/she have a favourite music band/song?
  6. If your child could choose special time with you at home, what would he/she choose to do?
  7. What makes your child happy?
  8. What is his/her best subject at school?
  9. The subject he/she does not like at school?
  10. What does your child think you do well as a parent?

Really knowing your child and showing it through your actions and behaviour will boost your child’s confidence as this makes them feel important and worthy of our time.


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